Who We Are

BarNone Events is a bar and beverage event planning company, based in Kelowna, BC, that offers a full service approach to planning the bar at your event. Whether you just need to hire a couple bartenders for a summer backyard party, whether you need us to plan the entire drink menu and pick up the wine for your wedding, or whether you want to hire our vintage mobile bar trailer: whatever you dream up, we can make a reality.  Operating since 2018, we pride ourselves on our personal approach to ensuring that your event is nothing but memorable.

We are a family owned and operated business and we bring care and a personal approach to every interaction.

Inspiring, unforgettable, extraordinary - the greatest event you'll ever throw, BarNone. 


Our Promise to You

We promise that we will always operate with nothing but honesty and integrity.

We will work hard and we will work with compassion. We will never overbook or stretch ourselves thin. Our commitment to you is beyond money: it's a commitment to the most important moments of your lives. We dedicate ourselves to you with our whole hearts  and our whole business.

We promise that we will take care of you, our community, our staff and ourselves, all while commiting to exceed all expectations. 

We call this mantra "Heart and Hustle."

BarNone places people over profit. Because this is not a business text book, this is real life: yours.